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12 min, video (1min excerpt) 2016

Emphasizing the crises of both the representation and subject matter, Crisis of the Invisible II. walks the viewer through three phases of invisibility: preparation - consumption - effect. Through these stages the image structure folds in on itself, demanding the viewer to see through poetics of illusion and aesthetics of the feminine.


3 min, video still, 2016

Crisis of the Visible speaks about both the crises of representation and subject matter. It addresses the absence of critical language in domestic individual voice and collapses the hierarchy between the self and appropriated voice. This piece is part of a bigger series that identifies the effects failed utopias had on identity, such as domestic silence. A 2016 recording of K. Horváth Zsolt’s lecture: “Maszk és önéletrajz” is used as he presents the work of Erika Baglyas in Hungarian. Subtitles and subtitle-skipping generated from the lecture are part of the video piece as it becomes a collective abstraction.


video projected on plasma screen, 2:40 min, 2016

Crisis of the Free Spirit is a video performance responding to the challenge of absolute articulation and comprehension. “Is language an adequate expression of all Realities?” Friedrich Nietzsche asks in his essay On Truth and Lie in an Extra Moral Sense (1873) Can the self really speak? Can the reader really read? This piece is part of a bigger series exploring the limitations of language, imprisonment of incomprehension, voicelessness, while using appropriated voices as medium. Drawing its text from Nietzsche’s Free Spirit, the words are re-ordered based on the frequency of their occurrence, the word “Human” and “Mask” being the most often used.

THE END OF SLEEP — Capitalist sublime
5.1 surround sound and 9-monitor display,
video duration: 4 min, 2016

Inspired by all day production and Jonathan Crary’s 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep

The white-crowned sparrow has an extraordinary ability to stay awake for 7 days during migration. DARPA is researching ways to achieve the same on soldiers, to eliminate the need of sleep during combat.

This project is a reflection on the holistic connections of labor, production, gender, family, paranoia, and reparation in the current post Fordist late capitalism.

A grid of 9-monitor presents 9 window lights filmed from the outside as the lights are turned off at the end of the day. The on and off turning lights of small stores, schools, classrooms create a looping of pulsation.

Each view is synchronized to turn dark for a period of time all at once.

The monitors are the only light source in the gallery, and as lights turn off, the space changes to pitch dark. An abstract representation of the capitalist sleep/work cycle—the demanding rhythm of lights on life and labor.

The sound element picks up the tempo of the heart in a surround sound track. The composition is made from field recordings of downtown Chicago streets and stores to capture the sound of present capitalism.

Feel the beauty of this rhythm then get sick of it. Capitalist sublime?


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